3 Degrees More: The Impending Hot Season and How Nature Can Help Us Prevent It

Ich habe zwei Kapitel zu diesem Buch „3 Degrees more“ beigetragen, welches jetzt auf englisch erschienen ist (hier die deutsche Fassung) – ein Kapitel zum Potential der Kohlenstoffspeicherung in Böden, das andere zum Beitrag der Vegetation zur Kühlung der Atmosphäre:

This open access book describes in detail what life on this planet would be like if its average surface temperature were to rise 3 degrees Celsius above the preindustrial level. On this basis, the book argues that it is imperative to keep this temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. It then lays out a detailed plan of what politically feasible, cost-effective measures should now be taken to achieve this goal. In this context, the book provides detailed discussions of climate finance, climate education and nature-based solutions. The book has been translated into English from the original German version published in 2022, and contains an original foreword and preface.


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