What Happened at the UNFCCC COP26 and How Regeneration Internationl Could Promote Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture to Reverse Climate Change at COP27 in Egypt

Wer mehr wissen will über die Hürden, Agroökologie und Regenerative Landwirtschaft in den Klima-Verhandlungen als Lösungsansatz zu integrieren, kann hier bei Regeneration International was darüber lesen.

„Still no reference to “regenerative agriculture” or any other close term. One of the major sticking points in the Koronivia work was the proposed inclusion of a reference to “agroecology”. The Africa group, the Least-Developed Countries and the EU were “strong champions” in pushing for the text to mention agroecology. The US and India were among the countries opposed to its inclusion. The term remains in still unresolved brackets, which will be discussed again at COP27… „

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